Saturday, January 19, 2008

january 18th

please pretend you got this post yesterday!

today's challenge is to create a boys card with something interactive on it.

this challenge for the 18Th was a little tricky for me, i wanted to do something i hadn't tried before, so i went to one of my fave blogs, got a tutorial from there and had a go! beates site has heaps of really cool tutorials for all kinds of cards...very cool :) if you want to check it out - you wont regret it!!

anyway...back to the challenge - here's my card when it is closed it looks very simple (just a frog) but pull the tag..and taadaa!!! i love it!

it took me awhile to get it right because i lost my ruler with inches on it so i had to convert all measurements as i went along (the tutorials are American, so everything is in inches) but i got there in the end..

have fun

luv c

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