Monday, March 31, 2008


another card! this one was done the same as my cow card, but this time i used piggies! i think i will make some more of these for the school fete. they are so easy.


luv tina

Sunday, March 30, 2008


just a quick card share...i made this card on friday, it is sooo cute!

the little truck and trailer (minus the wheels) and cows are raised up with little foam square thingys.

the stamps are stampin up ones (sorry dont know the sets!) and once again, just used scrap card stock.
luv c

Saturday, March 29, 2008

a bit rude! (and sketch #41)

****warning**** the following image may offend some viewers. please avert eyes now if you are easily offended. lol

last night my friend...(lets call her "ronika" (lol) ) was over to scrap, and she made the funniest i copied it with her permission (of course!) and thought i would share it with you. (see "ronika" i told you i would!)please skip this post if you are easily hate mail either please! lol

i used my wild about you set (stampin up), pumpkin pie and old olive ink as well as scraps of card (and 3 brads!)
this also fits the sketch challenge over at beates blog for this week (#41)
i love it! i will never look at that stamp set the same way again! but i dont think this card will make it into the shortlist of the cards i am making for the school fete!
have a great day
luv c

simple challenge

i bet you thought i had forgotten about you! nope...just been busy.

i have a challenge for you today (if you choose to accept it that is!)

todays challenge is -

make a card using ONLY - one sentiment stamp (or sticker) one piece of patterned paper and 3 pieces of cardstock - one of which MUST be black( the 3 bits of cardstock include your card base) thats it....nothing bling, no ribbon...nothing! of course you can use adhesives...but no extra stamps or stickers...nothing! time to get creative :-) dont forget to send me a pic of your creation so i can share here!!!

heres what i came up with last night -

you cant see it very well but the card base is black....and i used a scrap of urban lily paper...very simple, but i think its cute.

have a great day

luv c

Saturday, March 22, 2008

another card

heres another card i made last night. very simple...very pretty! lol

luv c

asian themed set

heres my asian set -
i used all scrap paper (which is why none of them are the same size!) and scrap ribbon for these ones. i really love the way they turned out though.
luv c

Thursday, March 20, 2008

a challenge

because i probally wont have time to post over the weekend (it being easter and all!) i will make todays challenge a bit of a tricky one.....
todays challenge is -
create a **SET** of oriental themed cards
*****note - the set should include at least 4 cards*****
i will be trying to scrap today -just have to do all the housework first :( and just remembered i bought replacement japanese stickers that i LOVE so will try to get this set done.
have a great day
luv c

a card

here is the card mum made using the image as inspiration -

it looks great!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18th march

another challenge for today, use the following image as inspiration for a card -

have fun with it

luv c

want another comp?

who wants another competition for next month? leave a comment if you do....i might make it a bit different this any ideas let me know....i was thinking maybe sets of cards a week, or a random card drawn a week, what else?

Monday, March 17, 2008

no stamp challenge

mum was quick off the mark today with her card -

and heres mine for today -

this is what it looks like inside -

it will be for my nieces 1st birthday on very girly!


luv tina

recycle challenge

i made 4 small cards for this challenge... you might call them a set i suppose! i rescued this from my recycling bin -

(it is the cardboard packaging that some princess stickers came in)

and i made these with it! -
how cute are they?! they are only very small, but they are so cute! i still have ariel to do, but i cant decide on her colour yet, i might do her orange...what do you think?
luv tina

mums recycled card

heres what mum came up with for the recycled challenge.
she used some acetate off a display box (***note**** this was not the box she used...i got the pic off the internet just so you get the idea!)

and then she cut it out on her robo to make this -

clever huh?

good job mum!

luv c

want another?

heres another challenge for you today......
create a card (duh!) -it has to have a main image on the front...but you cant use any stamps of any sort anywhere on the card!
hmmm tricky
i have started my recycled challenge card, so will hopefully share that sometime today.
have fun
luv c

Friday, March 14, 2008


well you have had 2 weeks with no challenges, so are you ready to throw yourself back in the deep end?!
if you have any weird and wonderful unique ideas you want for the challenge...drop a line in the comments and i will see what i can do! please dont suggest the usual ideas (use flowers...use buttons etc) i am after something different!!!!!!
so on that note....
todays challenge is.....
use something from your recycling bin on a card!!!!!
weird i know lol, but it could be a bit of card board...etc etc (hey i am not giving away MY idea! lol) make sure (if you send it in) you let me know what piece of junk you used (and a pic of it before hand if you like!)
have fun with it!
luv c

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

all done!

well the comp is over....we only had 2 people who managed to complete ALL the challenges for february...others were so close..but didnt quite get there! so a big congrats to..
well done ladies, keep an eye out for the postie, you will both be getting a parcel very soon!
and with a total of 38 grandma will also be getting a little something extra for completing the most cards!

if you have sent thru cards but havent seen them displayed yet, just give me a holler..i might have missed them.

have a great day
luv c

***kimberleys cards***

and the last of kimberleys cards too!

***heathers cards***

and here are the last of heathers cards ( i mixed them up sorry!)