Thursday, January 10, 2008

january 10th

good morning! did you have a good sleep? are you ready to create? it is perfect weather for it here (rain rain and yep more rain!)
heres a few creations from yesterdays challenges -
from grandma heather (who is doing so well keeping up! and doing 2 each time!!!) -

and deb (who is managing to use alot of scraps that would otherwise be never used or thrown out!!!) -

well done ladies...keep 'em coming!

and now for todays challenge (it may be a bit difficult for some to do...but thats the challenge! think outside the square if you have difficulty!) -

create a male birthday card with an animal on it somewhere.

heres my creation - have fun creating, dont forget to email me some of your creations if you want them displayed!

luv c

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