Sunday, January 20, 2008

20th january

wow..its the 20th already! it will be xmas again before we know it! are you are you all keeping up with the cards?

i have finished next months claendar of challenges, and it will be slightly easier occasions...just techniques and product usage....that way its up to you to figure out what you need cards for! january was a headstart!!!

mum sent thru her creation for yesterdays challenge - and now for todays challenge -

create a thank you card with swirls on it.

this one was a little tricky for me, as all my inks are on holiday atm (dont ask!) so i couldnt use my pretty swirl stamps :(

but taadaa! i found a really nice scrap of pp that had swirls on it! yay!! lol

have fun creating!

luv c

p.s will post about next months competition very soon!!! keep an eye out for it!

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