Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sparkly! and some candy!!!

heres a very sparkly card i made using some more of the Disney princess stickers -

it is a bit hard to see, but the white edges are also covered in glitter...bling bling!

and now for some candy..just cause i can!remember these? -
well i really cant use them atm so i thought i would offer them as some pretty blog candy! but its not that easy! if you would love to give these princesses a new home, just leave a comment saying who is your favourite Princess. i will randomly pick a person lets say on sunday and once i receive that lucky persons snail mail, i will post it out! i will even throw in some extra "stuff" too just to fill up the envelope! you can enter once a day until the comp closes and if you subscribe to this blog in any way... you get an extra entry per day!! (just mention in your entry that you subscribe)
so spread the word!
have a great day
luv c


Tess said...

hmm i dont have a favourite princess, i guess my grand-daughter could be one, or are you talking about the princesses on the cards? then I love snow white, i love the way she organises the dwarfs and gets them up and moving!!!
i subscribe to your blog too LOL and I'm your mother, does that count???

christina D said...

you can choose from any princess you want...the ones pictured, real life princesses, fairy tale princesses etc.....
and yes, you get another entry....cause you subscribe!